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EARwigs -

Earwigs are small insects of the order Dermaptera, and they are characterized by having smooth elongated bodies that have pairs of horny, forceps-like abdominal appendages called ‘cerci’.

During the hot and dry summer months, earwigs will often attempt to migrate indoors. If an earwig can find an entrance into your home or business, they can find an abundance of warm and damp areas to survive and reproduce.

Earwigs are nocturnal and normally spend days hiding in small, dark and especially humid places around your dwelling, usually in your basements, bathrooms and kitchens.

During the evening hours, they will feed on plants and other arthropods including mites and fleas. Earwigs may use their cerci to pinch people, but this isn’t considered harmful as the cerci usually doesn’t have the ability to pierce skin and there is no venom that can be transferred to humans.

Earwigs are mostly known for their destructive abilities in your household plants and gardens.

They can damage delicate blossoms and will feed on decaying organic material. The best way to remove earwigs from your home or business is to first control the earwig population you have surrounding your building.


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