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Carpenter Ants -

Carpenter Ants are highly social insects and are one of the largest types of ant that can be found throughout most of the United States. A carpenter ant colony will normally be established in decaying wood and only then will they move into more sound wood.

It is fairly typical that if you discover a nest inside your home that it is a satellite colony which was started by a larger colony located somewhere outside your home. Carpenter ants are very determined insects and will find many ways to get into your home - entering through eaves, door frames, window frames, plumbing and utility lines.

Carpenter ants are not usually known as biting insects as the primary concern is always their capacity to cause structural damage to your home. Carpenter ants are particularly difficult to eradicate because they can have a network of many nests that are all interlinked.

If one of the nests is missed in the treatment process then the ants can rebound and reform - that's why our Carpenter Ant program includes all the necessary inspections and treatments to eradicate you carpenter ant problems.


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